Goldwell Colorance Demi-Color Hair Color (4.2 Oz. Canister)

What it is: Goldwell Colorance is a demi-permanent hair color that not only protects the hair, but even repairs the hair structure.What it does: The healthier the hair, the more beautiful and shining the color result will be Goldwell Colorance Demi Color Acid Hair Color Coloration is a gentle hair color than contains no ammonia

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Goldwell Canisters must be used with Goldwell's Measuring Bowl to dispense color from canister

Directions for Goldwell Colorance Acid Color Hair Color Coloration The mixing ratio is always 2 parts of Goldwell Colorance Acid Color Lotion and 1 part Colorance Acid Color i.e

For instructions on dispensing haircolor from Goldwell's Canister system, please view the following PDF file Goldwell Canister Depot System Product Options Available are as follows Color 10BA - Smoky Blonde Color 10BG - Beige Gold Color 10BS - Beige Silver Color 10BS - Beige Silver Color 10G - Champagne Blonde Color 10N - Extra Light Blonde Color 10P - Pastel Pearl Blonde Color 10V - Pastel Violet Blonde Color 2A - Blue Black Color

40 ml Lotion 20 ml color

Apply to shampooed, towel-drired hair, evenly saturating all hair

Ash Blonde Color 9RG - Avalon Blonde Color Clear Color Fashion B Color KK-Mix Color 10BP Color 3NA Color 5NA - Light Natural Ash Brown Color 8BP Color 9MB Color 700 GK Sens

Blonde Extra Light Beige Color 9KG - Extra Light Copper Gold Color 9N - Very Light Blonde Color 9NA - Very Light Nat

Brill Vio Red Color 8SB PK Silver Blonde Pink Color 6K KK Copper Brill Int Copper Color 5B BK Brazil Brown Copper Color 6RR PK Dramatic Red Pink Color 7RR RR Luscious Red Int Red Color 8CA Color 7RR Max4.847

Click here to download the PDF Goldwell Colorance Demi-Permanent Color Guide for instructions regarding developers, mixing ratios, and tips! You will need the Adobe PDF reader in order to view this file

Do not shampoo

Don't have the reader Download it here

Goldwell Colorance Acid Color creates billiant, fashionable yet naturally looking colors.What else you need to know Colors fade slowly and stay on tone

Leave to process for 5-25 minutes based on the desired color intensity

Light Beige Blonde Color 8K - Light Copper Blonde Color 8N - Light Blonde Color 8OR - Light Blonde Orange Red Color 8RO - Coral Glow Color 8SB - Silver Blonde Color 9BA - Smoky Beige Light Color 9GB - Sah

Mix lotion and color thoroughly in an applicator bottle

Orange Gold Copper Color 4R VR Dark Mah

Patented technolgy with a mild pH of 6.8

Style as desired

Thoroughly rinse hair with warm water

With Goldwell Colorance Acid Color Hair Color, there is no visible re-growth


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